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Orhan Hadžimehmeti 
Orhan was born in 1972 in Pristina, Yugoslavia.
In early days, he was involved in multiple graphic design and creative projects. In 2008, he got the opportunity to travel. What he saw during his travels, it was different picture from what you would usually see on the media. Marvelous experience.
Photography, as a part of self discovering, took an important part on his life when it was least expected. The bond was created and the journey has been continued.
He is considering himself as a lucky person.
At this moment, he lives and create in Belgrade, Serbia.
portret of Orhan Hadzimehmeti
front page of la vita e bella
In times of expanding technology, faster communication, people losing connection with themselves and what they really need to be happy. To be happy does not involve things we cannot have. Everyone of us have something that makes our life beautiful. Childhood as an important part of human being, makes the pursuit more easier. Turning to that perspective, people would   understand more of who they are. People on the photographs are showing us something very simple, that we are more connected than we think. Find your photo. Find your story.

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