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Virtual Gallery WIKIBITION is a small gallery that found its small place in the world wide available internet cloud. Wikibition does not have its own history, nor tradition or legacy. Wikibition has endless love for painting and photography. Fully respect for artworks and artists. Wikibition has its own story.

Wikibition story begins like any other child story, naive, innocent and sincere. The whole world is in front of you, offered to you. The decision is yours. All colors, shapes ... forms, different messages and feelings. All the moments of your early childhood that remained in your memories you like to return with pleasure or you still search for their pieces.

A young man that believed in a place that will give him back to his first experience and feeling when he new to enjoy events. When the feelings are calm and peaceful but still with a lot of excitement. When you are at the same time your own and everyone's.

He wanted to proof his belief, many years passed in this quest. Life was going on. Life that draw new experiences, feelings.... colors. There were moments when considered his quest to be unsuccessful. He almost thought that the end of the quest is there, paper and pen happens. He was sitting with a huge white sheet of paper and a pen in front of him. It seemed that the paper has no end, so white and empty. It bothered him. He draw a line, after that, a few short and then one long until mosaic showed up with various forms and color combinations.

"This looks familiar," he thought. But for some reason, he continued drawing. It was the picture, then another until he was surrounded with number of images that contained of beautiful forms, shapes with a beautiful colors. In that moment he felt that these was he was looking for. 

He needed a space where he could share his artworks with others.

The young man from the story worked hard and gallery you are looking at now is created. The doors of Wikibition gallery are opened wide to show its beautiful pictures.

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