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Ahmedin Beganović
Ahmedin Beganović was born in 1965 in Priština. His interest for painting was shown very early. In the early student days showed interest for graphic techniques and contemporary art, which become his occupation. In 2012, Mr Beganovic revealed the old traditional technique of Ebru (marbling) that become his field of interest.  The exhibition of artworks in Ebru technique is the first author’s exhibitor in the virtual gallery Wikibition. Previously author takes part in several group exhibitions and in photo contexts. Currently lives and works in Linköping.
portret of Ahmedin Beganovic
front page Simplicity
Simplicity is a collection of 20 works done in Ebru technique. The author has pursued a simple form through a story that can be told through the droplets.
front page Modern Ebru
Modern Ebru is a collection of 20 artworks done in Ebru (paper marbling). Ebru is a traditional painting art, and can be defined as painting on water and transferring this painting onto paper. Despite the fact that used traditional materials and traditional principles of making Ebru author has introduced an innovation in form and concept giving to artworks different and modern look. The main emphasis is given by the relationship of color and form aimed at reconciliation of traditional concept and modernist expression.

2013 - Pristina, Staf Recreation Community UNMIK, Exhibition "Art and Food Festival", Staf Recreation Commity UNMIK
2014 - Pristina, Museum of Kosovo, Exhibition „Colective Exhibition“ Goverment of Kosovo - Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. 
2015 - Pristina, In On Gallery, Exhibition „Colectiv Exhibition“, In On Galery
2015 - Pristina, Exhibition Photo Contest "Beauty of DIversitiy", CoDeKosovo

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