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Milena Vukajlović
Milena Vukajlović - sculptor. Born in Kursumlija where she completed her primary education. Basic and Master studies Milena completed at the Art Faculty Zvecan - Kosovska Mitrovica. She is currently on PhD studies in a sculpture at the Faculty of Art and Design, Megatrend University in Belgrade. Her art generally expressed through sculpture as her primary occupation and drawings. Behind recorded a number of group and solo exhibitions and participation in art colonies. Milena has repeatedly awarded for his artistic work. Today, Milena worked as an art editor and creates the Alternative Cultural Center in Gracanica.
portret of Milena Vukajlovic
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2014. Solo exhibition of drawings, Gallery DEX, Belgrade.
2013. Solo master exhibition of sculpture and drawings, Gallery of Faculty of arts Zvecan.
2012. Solo Exhibition of drawings, Alternative Cultural Centre Gračanica,
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