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Nadja Čelić
Nadja Čelić spent her half life, which is not insignificent number because she is only 15, impressing in the clay her own cognitive process of the world.
She stopped animals that encountered in fables and colorful picture books, ladies from fairy tales with hats and long robes, kettles from which that scented liquid is drunk in some wonderlands ... and preserve them as a reflection of life in the hands of those who are growing up.
Messages arrived to some who know how to read them, and those strange shapes were boldly displayed and to the other eyes on the first solo exhibition in SC Šumice 2013 (Belgrade). Three years ago one of them, turned aside and adorned second prize in the competition Vuk's Foundation in the framework of the "Days of Cyrillic". When Nadja crossed hands with a few girls whispering together to the clay, and she understood them very well. October Salon awarded them the second prize for collective dance. 2015 Nadja held her second exhibition in Krusevac.
This is her third solo exhibition, and soon, in Čačak, she is expecting a fourth.
Nadia goes to the first grade of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy school in Belgrade.
portret of Nadja Celic
front page of ceramics
When Nadja takes clay in her hands
A clay is just a soil to some people
Just a bunch of dirty mud,
but for Nadja it is a small fortune
More valuable than gold coin.
When she takes the clay in her hands
One would say: "look,she is bothering the soil"
And she takes the the clay with skilled fingers
and small miracles makes.
2016. Galery "Petak", Beograd
2015. Exhibition of ceramcis, KCK, Kruševac
2013. DarAMMa, SC Šumice, Beograd

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