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Admir Mujkić
Admir Mujkić was born in 1972 in Sisak, Croatia. Department of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, he enrolled in the class of Professor Salim Obralić and graduated in the class of professor Dževad Hozo. At the same academy he completed his post-graduate studies. Admir Mujkić is a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Visual Artists, and the Society of Artists Veles, Macedonia. He lives and works in Sarajevo.
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The Guardian of Redemption
(On the graphic series Second Journey, by Admir Mujkić)
The facts that suggest war, as a subject, is finally a thing of the past naturally have feet of clay. Admir Mujkić’s most recent graphics, with the metaphorical title Second Journey, are yet another proof of just how incomprehensible and inconceivable the immense tragedy of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was and is. Those who hastened to tell themselves and the world that the war is a spent issue and that there is no point in returning to it simply do not belong to this time and this reality, for they lack the strength to face up to the greatest challenge of all – their own trauma and pain as a universal value. These are events that radically alter one’s view of life, and war is a cosmic cataclysm that goes on even after it has formally  – read more>
2014 Jajce, BiH, Exibition of prints and objects with Fikret Libovac “Fish and Birds”, city gallery Jajce 
2013 Bosanska Krupa, BiH, Exibition of prints and objects with Fikret Libovac “To my Krajina”, city gallery Bosanska Krupa
2013 Sarajevo, BiH Exhibition of prints “Fishes from Iapodia” Gallery Java Sarajevo
2012 Zvornik BiH Exibition of prints “Caravanes” City Museum Zvornik
2012 Sarajevo, BiH Exibition of prints “Fishshape”, Gallery Roman Petrović Sarajevo
2011 Prijepolje, SERBIA Exibition from cycles “Caravanes” and “Fishshape”, Prijepolje Museum
2011 Bihać, BiH 4 Printmakers – Halil Tikveša, Avdo Žiga, Ahmet Hošić and Admir Mujkić, City gallery Bihać
2010 Bihać, BiH “Fish and Birds” – Admir Mujkić and Fikret Libovac, City gallery Bihać
2010 Tetovo, MACEDONIJA Prints from cycles “Borderkeepers” and “Journey” Art gallery Tetovo,
2010 Novi Pazar, SERBIA Prints from cycle “Borderkeepers” video “Journey”, Gallery MMC
2010 Priboj, SERBIA Exibition of prints, Gallery “Spirala”
2010 Prijepolje, SERBIA Prints and drawings Culture home Prijepolje
2009 Bijelo Polje, MONTE NEGRO Prints and drawings, City gallery Bijelo Polje
2009 Novi Pazar, SERBIA Selected prints from cycle “Journey”, Gallery of IUNP Novi Pazar
2008 Zagreb, CROATIA Prints from cycle “Borderkeepers” Gallery of Bosnian culture center Zagreb
2008 Domžale, SLOVENIA Prints from cycle “Borderkeepers” Gallery Domžale
2008 Žepče, BiH Prints from cycle “Borderkeepers”, Gallery BZK Preporod Žepče
2007 Tešanj, BiH Small prints and Ex Libris, Tešanj culture center
2007 Sarajevo, BiH Small prints and Ex Libris, Gallery “B. Smoje” Sarajevo
2005 Priština, KOSOVO Art Works: Admir Mujkić, Redžep Nikšić and Fehim Husković, Gallery of Priština Municipality
2005 Bihać, BiH Exibition of prints from map“Second Journey”, City Gallery Bihać
2005 Sarajevo, BiH TIKVEŠA, ŽIGA, KONSTANTINOVIĆ AND MUJKIĆ, Exibition of prints, Gallery "B.Smoje" Sarajevo
2005 Veles, MACEDONIA Selected prints from cycle “Journey”, Gallery of city Veles
2004 Tešanj, BiH Prints and Objects, Tešanj culture center
2003 Prusac, BiH Exibition of unique prints, AJVATOVICA 2003, Gallery of Hasan Kjafija Pruščak
2003 Sarajevo, BiH Exhibition of drawings, Jazz Club TERRA SACRA
2002 Sarajevo, BiH Prints, dravings collagues, Gallery Roman Petrović Sarajevo
2002 Gradačac, BiH Exibition of prints and drawings, Gallery BZK Preporod
2001 Krk, CROATIA Exibition of prints, Gallery PONTES
2001 Bihać, BiH Original prints from cycle “Journey”, City Gallery Bihać
2001 Zenica, BiH Original prints from cycle “Journey”,, Art gallery Zenica
2001 Sarajevo, BiH Original prints from cycle “Journey”, Kuršumli medresa
1999 Sarajevo, BiH Graduation Exhibition, Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo
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