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Agron Mulliqi
Mulliqi Agron was born in 1961 in Gjakovë. The academic education he gained at the Academy of Arts in Prishtina in the class of Prof. Muslim Mulliqi. His artistic expression is based on the technique of oil painting, although he has been doing the other painting and graphic techniques, also.  Paintings of Agron Mulliqi are characteristic in its orientation, form and structure and by  use of  traditional ethnic motifs and symbolism.  Main role in his paintings has mans portrait, portrait, urban environment and ethnological heritage. Until today he organized 11 individual,  10 group  and few humanitarian exhibitions. Mr. Mulliqi participated in several colonies and received several  awards for his work. Currently,  he lives and works as a freelance artist in Prishtina. 
portret of Agron Mulliqi
front page of Four Sides
Exhibition "Four Sides" presented 30 artworks. Author in presented artworks illustrates human beings and ethnos as author’s common theme. The human being is presented through its human and physical characteristics, the beauty of nature, between the real and surreal, consciousness and un- consciousness, destructed with real and daily problems in same way as it occurs in life situations. The ethno motives are author’s symbolic toys that help him making the stories. Those stories are balanced, dynamic and created to be liked.
By this exhibition the author only touched the part of his wide range of artworks and once again confirmed the astonishment to his recognizable style.

2008 – Liberation Day, GAK Prishtine
2008 – Liberation Day, Mitrovica
2007 – Anniversary of Skenderbeut, GAK Prishtine
2007 – Expo Flag, GJakova
2006 – Drawing Biennial GAK, Tuzla
2006 – Artekspo, Tirana
2006 – With art for an better world, 128 Anniversery of the League of Prizren, Prizren
2005 – Prishtine day – November’s salon GAK Prishtine
2005 – Flame of January, Gjilan
2004 – Drawing Biennial, “Prishtine Day”, Prishtine
2004 – We have 12 hours, Palat of Youth, Prishtine
2004 – November's salon GAK Vision, Gjakove
2004 – Flame of January, Gjilan
2003 – G79 Gallery GAK
2003 – Prishtina Day,Award M. Mulliqi GAK, Prishtine
2002 – Portrait, Prishtine
1992 – Democracy nonviolence
1986 – Portraits, Tuzla
1984  – Spring Exhibition, Prishtine
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