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Aleksandra Branković
Aleksandra Brankovic was born in 1990 in Leskovac. Undisputed talent and expressed an affinity towards painting shows a very early age. Her interest is mainly directed towards the portrait of his character through small I altrenativne form. She participated in a larger number of group exhibitions and colonies, both in his country and abroad. Aleksandra studied painting at the Academy of Arts in Pristina/Mitrovica.
portret Aleksandra Brankovic
front page postcards
A collection of works titled "postcards" represents a kind of a time dialogue. In these artworks, our epoch talks with the coming epoch and examines and closes the one that preceded it. The structure of letters with hallmarks of the period from the end of the 20th century in the form of postage stamps is the answer of today's generation to its predecessor. The dialogue between the present, the past and the future goes on in a natural, fluid manner as the form itself requires. Everything corresponds and calls for correspondence in this artwork. The artist is developing a new genre, i.e. a type of pictorial epistolary. This sets a new platform for the discourse of relations of contemporary art and traditions and questions of art in time in general. The artist gives her commentary of the present and fixates it as a memory of the past; the portraits of her contemporaries on letters are becoming witnesses of their time and the beginning of interaction with the new; from a distance they perceive a clear picture of history and leave behind a part of themselves for the future analysis. In the history of time, the artist combines what was, what is and what will be. The artist is creating work worthy of a wizard through invention of a simple tool in the form of a pictorial letter, which makes it a unique occurrence in art.
2015 - JPB Art Gallery Saint-Tropez France 2015
2015 - International biennial festival of portrait Tuzla 2015
2013 - International biennial festival of portrait Tuzla
2013 - XVII Biennale of Student drawing of Serbia
2011 - XVI Biennale of Student drawing of Serbia

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