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Virtual Gallery WIKIBITION is a small gallery that found its small place in the world wide available internet cloud. Wikibition does not have its own history, nor tradition or legacy. Wikibition has endless love for painting and photography. Fully respect for artworks and artists. Wikibition has its own story.

Wikibition story begins like any other child story, naive, innocent and sincere. The whole world is in front of you, offered to you. The decision is yours. All colors, shapes ... forms, different messages and feelings. All the moments of your early childhood that remained in your memories you like to return with pleasure or you still search for their pieces. read more>>
WIKIBITION slaughtered you this wonderful exhibition called "Pillows" by Amela Hadžimejlić for its 3rd birthday. 20 art works in combined technique are exhibited. Exhibition can be visited and viewed by clicking on the following link.>>
front page Pillows
anniversary baner on home page
Your feedbacks are very important for us. Let us know your opinion in order to improve of our page and make best for you. Follow link to feedback form >>
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Bilgaip Kochishta - Bige will present numerous works of art on his large retrospective exhibition. The exhibition is open 27. 10. 2016 in the premises 
of the Art Gallery in Tetovo. read more>>
The gallery space of Hotel Holiday in Sarajevo is hosting an exhibition of art works of the author Amer Hadžić and Hasan Haso. The exhibition can visit every day in the Hotel Holiday - Europe Group >>
Amela Hadžimejlić, an artist from Sarajevo, will exhibit their works from the series of cushions on the eponymous exhibition in the Premium Hall Virtual Galleries wikibition.com. The exhibition will be open from 7 November 2016.>>
After 3 years of existence Wikibition continued work in a slightly modified form. We are introducing some changes and your opinion will be of great help. Tell us your opinion here>>
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