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Delight of soul

March 2014

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Collection of 22 works of oil on canvas is the author of his abundant production.
The still lives, showing the juicily objectified fruits, approach their ultimate materialization with the elaboration, with a balanced choice of colors, especially in the application of the white tones, with subtle permeating of the light and semi-light zones and passages.
The works which include segments of calligraphy, butterflies or stones treated as artistic elements – symbolical interpretation of two opposites: the temporary and the eternal, life and death. The stone – a symbol of stability, permanence, immortality, eternity, cohesion… The butterfly – a symbol of birth and resurrection, representing the soul and the immortality; life, death and resurrection.
This is a display of an artistic symbiosis of objects, signs and symbols, articulated, artistically remodeled, transposed into artworks in which Bilgaip Kocishta – Bige simplifies several artistic skills, incorporating the material and the spiritual culture of this region.
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