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Old Podgorica

January 2014

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Zuvdija Hodžić is a man of the pen. He is the one of those who alike the ancient masters of the pen leaves a deep mark. It does not matter whether the story begins to flow from his pen or the story will be told by the picture. It is always and again important to preserve a motive which is threatened to disappear.
Or as they say:
Academician Pavle Mijović:
“He can be wisely silent for about ten years and publishing anything, and then suddenly shook the atmosphere around by the artwork that surprises and challenges admiration, so wisely silently paints."
Academician Sreten Perović :
"Hodzić is reminiscent of the old masters - engraver, the silversmiths, and his prints remind on the filigree that is woven by rich patience, a lot of will and refined details."
Motives of old Podgorica and the author's birthplace Gusinje are the most prevalent in the author's pictorial opus. Painting exhibition Old Podgorica in Premium Hall virtual gallery WIKIBITION, is the reminder of the wonderful works from the monograph "Through old Podgorica”. Motives of old Podgorica are displayed on 30 selected papers. The author has kept the details and the energy of Podgorica that is slowly disappearing by selected motives and specificity of style.

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